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Importance of Keyword Research in Digital Marketing

June 15th, 2021

Keyword research is the first and for most step towards Digital Marketing. Keyword research is the process of researching and choosing words and phrases that users will search for, that directly relate to your business, product or services. Keywords research helps your viewers to search and find you through the common words. One must keep in mind that your keywords must stand out. Whatever you search online the user as well as the search engine depends on keywords to find the result. The right keyword can fetch high rank for your website. If you’re using the wrong keywords on your website you tend to attract the wrong viewers to your website, this will hamper the reputation or ranking of the website as the viewers will not find what they are exactly looking for and in the end this will hamper the ranking of your website. Until you know what words and phrases are most important for your website you cannot go ahead with the keyword research, for this the most important thing to do is to understand the nature of your business and accordingly find the keywords. If the wrong set of keywords is chosen for your website and you optimize for keywords that don’t directly relate to your business and its offerings, you may very well get traffic to your site but this traffic will be unqualified one.
One must follow certain steps while doing a keyword research:
Step 1- Selecting the Keywords
One must come up with list of ideas of words or phrase by speaking with your business owner or with the one who you are working about the list of keywords keeping in mind their business nature.

Step 2- Competitors.
This may give a clear idea of what your competitors are doing and what trend exists in the market as on that day. Search for all your competitors who are selling the same product or service and begin to take up the words and phrases they are targeting. By checking the website of our competitors will help you to get more information and description where they may provide you with hints on keywords they are targeting.

Step 3- Use keyword planner tool.
Keyword planner helps one to understand the searches that take place and the competition of the selected word. One can easily understand the competition and accordingly fix their Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Keywords.

Step 4- Use Google Trends
This tool will help you to see the worldwide or country wise searches of the word you are looking for. This tool will show the result in the form of graph which makes easy to analyse the result. By this tool one can fix their Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Keywords.

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