Microsoft DP-100 Exam Guide to Success

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Data science career is rapidly booming in the IT industry. Data scientists are more in demand due to the increasing demand. It is the best time to start learning data science. The reasons mentioned make DP-100 certifications important and mandatory to learn for data science aspirants.

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Certification overview:

The DP-100 is Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification by Microsoft. This certification aims to use machine learning and data science knowledge to run and carry out workloads of machine learning on Azure. It utilizes the Azure Machine Learning Service. It helps create and plan a working environment suitable for data science workloads on Azure, instructing the predictive machine learning models and executing the experiments.

Benefits of Microsoft DP-100 Certification:

Data Scientists are in high demand currently. A certification of this mentioned on the resume can help to bag a high-profile job.
A Microsoft certification can immensely enhance the earning and the career opportunities.
Various reviews have acknowledged that a Microsoft certification has helped them secure a good job in a reputed company with high payment raise.
A candidate with a DA-100 certificate has a higher chance of getting selected among many individuals.
DP-100 Exam Prerequisites:
Fundamental understanding and knowledge of Microsoft Azure
Should be expert with python language and must be able to work with python data.
Should be aware of various libraries like Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib.
Should understand topics of data science.
Should be able to prepare the data.
Should be able to train machine learning models using libraries such as Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, and PyTorch.
Information about Microsoft DP-100 Exam:
It is certified by Microsoft.
Azure Data Scientist Associate is the certification name.
DP-100 is the exam code.
The exam is for 180 minutes.
The Number of Questions varies between 40 – 60.
The Passing Score needed is 700.
The exam costs about USD 165.00.
How to Prepare for the DP-100 Exam:
Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate certification can be earned by following the best practices. Some steps are mentioned below to help in the preparation of the exam.

After deciding to take the DP-100 exam, go through the official page of the Microsoft DP-100 Certification. Information about “Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure” is stated there.
Next, start learning about the syllabus topics. Scroll down the exam objectives and understand them carefully. DP-100 enthusiasts can find the most important domains that should be studied.
Practicing is an important aspect of clearing out the exams. Enroll yourself in a training course before appearing for the actual exams. Free online courses or paid online courses can help to gain insights into the exam pattern of DP-100. Third-party professionals can take the training.
Practice tests are of great help in determining where you need more practice and sufficient knowledge to crack the exam. To avoid mistakes and to overcome them, practice tests are a must.
The official page provides various links to resources and study materials that might help prepare for the DP-100 exam. Take help of them to understand the topics in depth.

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